Friday, July 02, 2010

Doin' Some Introspection

I discovered something about myself today, maybe uncovered is a better word. I like approval. I seek approval. I want people to like me. Not just like me but I want them to like what I like - to validate my preferences.

I won't go into the details how this revelation came about just to say as I was disclosing some deep feelings to Dave, talking through an issue, a lightbulb came on - I'm really bound up in this need for outside approval. And God, in His infinite grace said to my spirit, "It is slavery. It is bondage." I want to be free of it.


...I want to walk confidently in who God has made me to be, not second-guessing His direction or how He's gifted me. I want to say no when I know a choice is not for me and not fear what others may think. I want to be focused on His will and not others.

I thank God that life's a journey - the time for sanctification, more time to learn and grow in His likeness, to grow in the new creation, to become who I was meant to be - the true me.


Beth said...

You said it so well . . . such wisdom and truth!

Suzanne said...

what a prayer for all....why is it so hard to learn? Thanks, Barbie. Love you!