Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why Do Truckers Like to Tailgate?

We've made it. Two weeks and some 4000 miles later we are resting comfortably in back in Sparta, IL. Some observations from the road:
1) Eastern Oklahoma is very lush and surprisingly pretty
2) Oklahoma's rest stop toilets are WRETCHED! Do not even need to go when you are in Oklahoma. Avoid it at all costs!
3) There are ALOT of dead opossums, armadillos, cats, dogs, deer, squirrels on the road
4) Emma doesn't like it when Aidan and I sing Elevation with U2
5) Dave Matthews Band is mighty fine music to play on a road trip
6) The Best Western in Weatherford in OK is very nice and serves a filling breakfast
7) Not so much for the Super 8 in Holbrook AZ or the Best Western in Santa Rosa, NM
8) I know there is a beauty to the desert but it surpasses me, kind of like abstract art
9) Gas is to darn expensive right now and come the judgement day someone should be held accountable!
10) I need to call home more often when I take a road trip (I was severely reprimanded for waited until my cell phone had service - a day and a half. Yes I know, my bad. I've already had my hand slapped.)
11) Liam does not nap in the car and
12) Compact Disc holders make great entertainment for a toddler (reflect the sun and make sun spots for him to catch - much like a cat
13) I'll end with what I titled this blog: Why do truckers like to tailgate? Is it to intimidate (ala Duel)? Do they feel perfectly safe hanging one car length behind my itsy-bitsy Dodge Stratus and trust their brakes and their reaction time is quick enough? Any ideas?
I'll write more about the trip later. Right now I'm doing laundry, trying to revive a neglected plant, brushing molting dogs and then scrubbing my kitchen floor. A woman's work...

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Holly said...

Welcome back! :)

Lots of birthdays in your family lately - happy birthday to them all!

Love, Holly